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Corporate Governance NCLT Order, Dec 9 2019
(NCLT Order dated December 9 , 2019 approving the Scheme of Arrangement)
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Statutory Policies: Familiarization Programmes for Independent Directors Whistle Blower Policy Archival Policy on Disclosures Hosted on Website of the Company Code of Conduct and Ethics
Policy for Determination of Materiality of Events for Disclosure to Stock Exchanges Remuneration Policy Policy for Determining "Matetrial" Subsdiaries Policy on Related Party Transactions
Code for Fair Disclosure of Unpublished Price Sensitive Information Corporate Social Responsbility Policy
Terms & Conditions of Appointment of Independent Director Terms of Appointment of Independent Director
Annual Report FY2020-21 FY2019-20
Shareholding Pattern Q1 FY2021-22 Q4 FY2020-21 Q3 FY2020-21 Q2 FY2020-21
Q1 FY2020-21 Q4 FY2019-20 Shareholding Pattern
Financial Results Q1 FY2021-22 Q4 FY2020-21 Q4 FY2020-21 (Standalone) Q3 FY2020-21
Q2 FY2020-21 Q1 FY2020-21 Q4 FY2019-20
Information Memorandum IM News Paper Publication (English) IM News Paper Publication (Hindi) Information Memorandum
Announcement Closure of Trading Window, 30 Jun-2021 Closure of Trading Window, 30 Mar-2021 Closure of Trading Window, 30 June-2020 Price Clarification, 14 May-2020
Closure of Trading Window, 31 March-2020 Resignation of CFO
Miscellaneous Cost of Acquisition
Notice for Meeting AGM Notice, Sep-2021 Board Meeting Notice, Aug-2021 Board Meeting Notice, Jun-2021 Board Meeting Notice, Feb-2021
Board Meeting Notice, Nov-2020 Board Meeting Notice, July-2020 Board Meeting Notice, June-2020
Board Committees Board Committees
Outcome of Board Meeting Outome of Board Meeting, 28 Jun-2021 Outome of Board Meeting, 02 Sep-2020 Outome of Board Meeting, 29 June-2020 Appointment
AGM/EOGM AGM Voting Result - 2021
AGM Outcome/Result - 2021
AGM Transcript- 2020
AGM Voting Result - 2020
AGM Outcome/Result - 2020
Scrutinizer Report - 2020
Postal Ballot Postal Ballot Result, Mar 2021 Postal Ballot Notice, Feb 2021
Related Party Transactions Related Party Transaction, Mar 2021 Related Party Transaction, Sep 2020 Related Party Transaction, Mar 2020
Newspaper Publications 09 Sep, 2021 18 Aug, 2021 04 Aug, 2021


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